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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 - Use the mouse to aim and fire at your enemies. R key to reload, W key to restore 100 live, E to bring armor up, A to buy Ammo, Q equip a resistance member with weapons.

Half-Life 2 was played for 2,472 times

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Fire@Will Jucat de 38 ori

Use the mouse to aim and fire and R key to reload.

Art of War

Art of War Jucat de 1,753 ori

This is a thrilling shooting game. PLay now Art of War

King`s Win

King`s Win Jucat de 1 ori

You are the Great blue king, and your mission is to destroy that pesty red ki...

Ship shooter

Ship shooter Jucat de 1,025 ori

Shoot down all the ships. Use the mouse to aim and fire.


Sniper Jucat de 1,792 ori

Germany has invaded France and was rapidly seizing control over the whole cou...

Mario Remix

Mario Remix Jucat de 16,272 ori

Use A to run Z jump and arrow keys to move.

Nun Gunner

Nun Gunner Jucat de 835 ori

Don't let the nuns get to you. Use the mouse to aim and fire.

The shoot out

The shoot out Jucat de 1,068 ori

Save the hostages and take out the terrorist. Use the mouse to aim and fire.

Shoot the mellon

Shoot the mellon Jucat de 834 ori

The only objective of this game is to shoot the melon target as quickly as po...

Thing Arena

Thing Arena Jucat de 2,010 ori

Press A and D for left and right movement. W is used for jumping, hold it or ...

Tiny combat 2

Tiny combat 2 Jucat de 1,274 ori

Protect your headquarters from enemies. Shoot them all down! Use the mouse.

Unreal flash

Unreal flash Jucat de 1,465 ori

This game is a shooter and uses a lot of guns.It can be played in deathmatch ...

Old West

Old West Jucat de 1,085 ori

Click on 'GO' and watch your opponent carefully. As soon as he moves, press t...

Assassination simulator

Assassination simulator Jucat de 2,793 ori

Protect your country at all cost .We have prepared an assassination simulator...


Obsoleter Jucat de 787 ori

Shoot down old technology and high prices!