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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 - Use the mouse to aim and fire at your enemies. R key to reload, W key to restore 100 live, E to bring armor up, A to buy Ammo, Q equip a resistance member with weapons.

Half-Life 2 was played for 2,479 times

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Clay kitten shooting

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When Furbies Attack

When Furbies Attack Jucat de 1,118 ori

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Arty alien shooter

Arty alien shooter Jucat de 1,336 ori

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Assassination simulator

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Fulltime Killer

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Shooting Fish in a Barrel

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House of Ghouls

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Shoot all the zombies to stay alive. Use the mouse to play.


Zombie Jucat de 1,041 ori

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2d Shootout

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Shoot anything that moves. Use the mouse to play.

Dr Strangegutt

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