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Half-Life 2

Half-Life 2 - Use the mouse to aim and fire at your enemies. R key to reload, W key to restore 100 live, E to bring armor up, A to buy Ammo, Q equip a resistance member with weapons.

Half-Life 2 was played for 2,453 times

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Counter Strike

Counter Strike Jucat de 2,518 ori

Train for Counter Strike. Use the mouse to play. Don't forget to reload.

Kindergarten killer

Kindergarten killer Jucat de 1,578 ori

You have to shoot the kids fast, before they do. Aim and shoot with the mouse.


Alias Jucat de 2,077 ori

Play now Alias(artificial lifeform intended for assassination and sabotage).

Virtual Drive by 2

Virtual Drive by 2 Jucat de 1,445 ori

Use your mouse to aim and shoot at anything and everything. Be careful becaus...


Neon2 Jucat de 846 ori

Shoot anything that move in this game, use the mouse to move around, and clic...

Ammo Ambush

Ammo Ambush Jucat de 2,423 ori

Enemy forces will try to break throught your defence.Hold your position as lo...

Ship shooter

Ship shooter Jucat de 1,017 ori

Shoot down all the ships. Use the mouse to aim and fire.


Sniper Jucat de 1,671 ori

The Arch Insbrook of Austria has been kidnapped, his family want him back asa...

Arty alien shooter

Arty alien shooter Jucat de 1,315 ori

Use your mouse to shoot the alien. Good luck!

Space Ambush

Space Ambush Jucat de 1,157 ori

Use the mouse cursor to position the Gun pointer. Left click to shoot. Don`...

Air Invasion

Air Invasion Jucat de 2,173 ori

You take a role of commando. Your task is to defend a military base situated ...

Subzero air attack

Subzero air attack Jucat de 814 ori

Fly around and shoot down your enemies. Godd Luck. Press arrow keys to contro...

Clay kitten shooting

Clay kitten shooting Jucat de 1,774 ori

Simple: two kittens, two shots-mnake`em count! 10 cats per round, equal or ex...


Raidenx Jucat de 925 ori

PLay online Raidenx. Good Luck!

Mouse hunting

Mouse hunting Jucat de 1,458 ori

Try to kill the mouse...only a shot in the head kill him!