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Shoe repair

Shoe repair - Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.

Shoe repair was played for 1,946 times

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Lift Jucat de 796 ori

Play with the peoples in the lift. Use the mouse to choose the numbers.

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll Jucat de 6,146 ori

Play a voodoo game. Use the mouse to select the action.

Fly eatin

Fly eatin Jucat de 794 ori

Click on the frog, to eat flies.

Ganja Farm

Ganja Farm Jucat de 950 ori

All you need to do is keep cuting the grass plants by clicking on them so the...

Hamster wanted

Hamster wanted Jucat de 956 ori

Wanted dead or dead for dancing without licence. Have fun!

You couldn't ski to save yourself.

You couldn't ski to save yourself. Jucat de 41 ori

Funny game. Left and right arrow keys to turn, space bar to jump.

Butle Pigeon

Butle Pigeon Jucat de 956 ori

Shoot all the pigeons. Use the mouse to play. Don't shoot the cats.

Yeti Sport

Yeti Sport Jucat de 1,210 ori

Hit the penguin. Use the mouse to play.


Cucaracha Jucat de 1,330 ori

Remove the cucaracha`s by putting them next to each other. When 3 cucaracha`s...

Street Fighter

Street Fighter Jucat de 890 ori

Defeat all your opponents.Use arrow keys to move, X key to punch/continue, Z ...

Wack a Bunny

Wack a Bunny Jucat de 723 ori

Wack the bunnies but stay away from the aliens. Use the mouse to play.

Mouse adventure

Mouse adventure Jucat de 1,272 ori

Play this game online! Use arrow keys for control!

Betty`s Beer Bar

Betty`s Beer Bar Jucat de 1 ori

It`s very easy and fun. Grab a mug.... a clean one if possible! Take the mu...

Slashing Pumpkins

Slashing Pumpkins Jucat de 2,054 ori

Drop knifes to hit the rolling pumpkins. Good Luck!

Sexy Slots

Sexy Slots Jucat de 1,396 ori

Test your luck in this game. Good Luck!