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Shoe repair

Shoe repair - Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.

Shoe repair was played for 1,917 times

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Equilibrum Jucat de 992 ori

Help the man walk on the rope. Try not to let him fall. Use the mouse to equi...

No smoking

No smoking Jucat de 983 ori

Stop as many people as possible from smoking. Click on the place where a ciga...


Splosh Jucat de 14,567 ori

Play this funny game online. Use left click mouse to target slacker employees...

Arachnid Falls

Arachnid Falls Jucat de 1,190 ori

You must type letter and number that are on the arachnids` backs to avoid the...

You couldn't ski to save yourself.

You couldn't ski to save yourself. Jucat de 41 ori

Funny game. Left and right arrow keys to turn, space bar to jump.


BOO Jucat de 2,001 ori

This game is based on the old simon game, the rules are on the ...

Dog Police

Dog Police Jucat de 839 ori

U are the Dog Police and you`re goal is to free all the dogs catched by the D...

Dress up Bill

Dress up Bill Jucat de 1,173 ori

Click the blue buttons to dress up Bill.

Tangerine Panic Xmas

Tangerine Panic Xmas Jucat de 801 ori

Let's help Santa Claus so he doesn't receive any ball in his head. Success!

Swing Ball

Swing Ball Jucat de 752 ori

Play online Swing Ball.


Toaster Jucat de 1,490 ori

In the early hours of themorning sleep walking and sleep toasting go together...

Ice cream Blowout

Ice cream Blowout Jucat de 1,122 ori

The instruction for this game are easy. When Paul launches an ice cream ball ...

Hamster wanted

Hamster wanted Jucat de 954 ori

Wanted dead or dead for dancing without licence. Have fun!