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Shoe repair

Shoe repair - Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.

Shoe repair was played for 1,850 times

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Dog Police

Dog Police Jucat de 831 ori

U are the Dog Police and you`re goal is to free all the dogs catched by the D...

Dancing Ant

Dancing Ant Jucat de 957 ori

You choose the move, alien do the work.

Betty`s Beer Bar

Betty`s Beer Bar Jucat de 1 ori

It`s very easy and fun. Grab a mug.... a clean one if possible! Take the mu...

Bad Witch

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Avalanche Jucat de 14,883 ori

To move press the left and right arrow keys. To pause press P. Beware of the ...

Spank the monkey

Spank the monkey Jucat de 1,012 ori

Drag the mouse the way you want to spank the monkey.

TOmmy Tooth

TOmmy Tooth Jucat de 1,223 ori

U are an hero and u mus tto kill all caries.To play use mouse and click to fi...


Carmageddon Jucat de 892 ori

You have 90 second of rampage. Kill them all. Use the mouse to move.

Park a lot

Park a lot Jucat de 1,195 ori

Park cars in the correct spaces to keep your job at the parking lot. Use the ...

Dress up Bill

Dress up Bill Jucat de 1,164 ori

Click the blue buttons to dress up Bill.


Antwar Jucat de 2,495 ori

Make as many Ants as you can! 1 billion Ants conquers the world!

Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel Jucat de 1,150 ori

Use keyboard arrows to walck, press down to stay still on the floor and use s...

Man naked

Man naked Jucat de 1,518 ori

Play this funny games, shoot the naked man using the mouse.

Kerry Bush Bash

Kerry Bush Bash Jucat de 872 ori

Your job as the moderator is to block both Presindent Bush and Senator Kerry ...

All that...and a bag of chips

All that...and a bag of chips Jucat de 68 ori

Try to grab the bag of chips as fast as you can. Do you think you can set a n...