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Shoe repair

Shoe repair - Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.

Shoe repair was played for 1,914 times

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Scorn Toss

Scorn Toss Jucat de 986 ori

Try to pass the acorn as high up on the three as you can. Use the left and ri...

Para jumper1

Para jumper1 Jucat de 965 ori

Para jumper1-uses the mouse as the main control for this game.


Ants Jucat de 2,374 ori

Use the sparycan to spray the ants. Press the mouse button to use the spraycan.

Farmer Bob

Farmer Bob Jucat de 1,149 ori

Farmer Bob has stored his fertiliser in ballons. The aim of the is to pop the...

Love tester

Love tester Jucat de 1,952 ori

Take this fun free love test.

Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze Jucat de 1,283 ori

Your goal is to make your ball from start to finish. Click start to begin, do...

Anto ken-do

Anto ken-do Jucat de 1,351 ori

Try to take down your opponent. Use the mouse to control the samurai.

Crazy ball

Crazy ball Jucat de 1,204 ori

This game needs skill and a little patience... but once you've got the hang o...

Babycal Throw

Babycal Throw Jucat de 1,176 ori

Use the mouse to throw cans on other babies.

Tele shooting

Tele shooting Jucat de 805 ori

Throw things at your colleague and try not to hit other objects. Use the mous...


Mortanoid Jucat de 749 ori

Battle your way past evil minions and complet all 33 leverls to escape. The p...

Scratch the nose

Scratch the nose Jucat de 873 ori

Play now Scratch the nose.

Fly eatin

Fly eatin Jucat de 791 ori

Click on the frog, to eat flies.


Worm Jucat de 3,705 ori

Eat apple and grow bigger, but if you bite yourself, you'll die. Good luck!

Haunted house 2

Haunted house 2 Jucat de 848 ori

Hit the ghouls and ghosts before they get to you. Use the mouse to throw pump...