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Shoe repair

Shoe repair - Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.

Shoe repair was played for 1,879 times

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Bow man

Bow man Jucat de 1,836 ori

Fire bows in your opponent. Use the mouse to play.


Moolga Jucat de 776 ori

The rubber cow, has gone wild. Click to release the milk and score points by ...

Crazy ball

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Franky the fish

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Hang Over

Hang Over Jucat de 768 ori

Catch the bubbles with your submarine, before your stomach acid will make you...

Whack a beast

Whack a beast Jucat de 1,004 ori

Use the mouse to guide the malleta dn the spacebar to hit. Whack the beasts a...

Perfect Pizza

Perfect Pizza Jucat de 1,006 ori

Match the pizzas as close as possible. Click on the ingredients and place on ...

All that...and a bag of chips

All that...and a bag of chips Jucat de 68 ori

Try to grab the bag of chips as fast as you can. Do you think you can set a n...


Squirrel Jucat de 956 ori

Jump on the clouds to travel upwards. Each cloud is worth 10 points more than...


AIB Jucat de 2,183 ori

Only using the up and down arrow keys. Try to avoid all the fruit! Good Luck!


Clowns Jucat de 796 ori

Help the clowns collect the balloons. Use the left and right keys to move.

Jeeves Volleyball

Jeeves Volleyball Jucat de 1,037 ori

The goal of the game is to hit the teapot over the net and have it fall o...

Monkey Cliff Diving

Monkey Cliff Diving Jucat de 963 ori

When a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive...time it ...

Dog Police

Dog Police Jucat de 836 ori

U are the Dog Police and you`re goal is to free all the dogs catched by the D...

Anto ken-do

Anto ken-do Jucat de 1,347 ori

Try to take down your opponent. Use the mouse to control the samurai.