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Snooker - lightning break

Snooker - lightning break - Play snooker. Complete the objective in the time allowed. Control with the mouse.

Snooker - lightning break was played for 1,902 times

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Ping Pong

Ping Pong Jucat de 1,227 ori

Use the mouse to control the paddle, and the key space to activate the burbo.

Swithcing Goal

Swithcing Goal Jucat de 889 ori

Try to send the ball in the net. Use the mouse to select the power.


Quikshot Jucat de 999 ori

You got 30 seconds to mke 10 points in each round.

Football shootout.

Football shootout. Jucat de 262 ori

Use the mouse to choose the direction and strength. Good luck!

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Make at least ten baskets before time runs out. Any baskets over ten each lev...

All Star - Skate Park

All Star - Skate Park Jucat de 1,806 ori

Catch some mad air with Jake and Trixie at the all star Skate Park.

Wacky Ten Pin

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To play the game, use the mouse to aim the ball.In the centre of the creen yo...

BMX - Sik Trix

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Elastic Soccer

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2d Football

2d Football Jucat de 4,487 ori

Use the mouse to play football.

Dive in the pool

Dive in the pool Jucat de 1,214 ori

Your goal is to get the lifeguard wet. You must score 7 or better on your dive.

Cocos penalty shoot out

Cocos penalty shoot out Jucat de 1,095 ori

See how many goals you can score. Use your mouse.

Zap dramatic

Zap dramatic Jucat de 1,128 ori

Use the mouse to click on the ball when it passes the net, to send it back.