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Snooker - lightning break

Snooker - lightning break - Play snooker. Complete the objective in the time allowed. Control with the mouse.

Snooker - lightning break was played for 1,816 times

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Motor Champions Jucat de 1,447 ori

Race through the desert. Avoid all obstacles. use the arrow keys to move.

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Hot Blood Boxing Jucat de 2,025 ori

Hot Blood Boxing-use the keyboard to play this game.

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Turbo Sport

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Race against the time and your opponents. Use arrow keys to control.

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Skateboard up the half pipe do some crazy tricks and score points to beat the...

Monster Mahjong

Monster Mahjong Jucat de 1,175 ori

Play Mahjong online by using the mouse.

Fisticuffs - Boxing

Fisticuffs - Boxing Jucat de 911 ori

A,S to punch opponent, up arrow to block, when power meter reaches top, press...

Crazy ball

Crazy ball Jucat de 1,133 ori

Use your left and right arrow keys to control the ball.

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Table Hockey Jucat de 1,086 ori

Play table hockey against 8 different computer opponents. Each computer has ...

World cup headers

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Player 1 (on the left) controls are: A (move left); D (move right); W (jump)....