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Snooker - lightning break

Snooker - lightning break - Play snooker. Complete the objective in the time allowed. Control with the mouse.

Snooker - lightning break was played for 1,830 times

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Monster Mahjong

Monster Mahjong Jucat de 1,179 ori

Play Mahjong online by using the mouse.

Leauge Bowling

Leauge Bowling Jucat de 1,210 ori

Left and right arrow keys move bowler, a to release to make a move.

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Soccer Jucat de 1,278 ori

Get the soccer ball and them aim your guy, pull back and release.

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King of shaves

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Drive carefull using the arrows.


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And the lord said unto them "Go be forth to the land of beer and must, and bo...

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Master the art of shooting a bow and arrow with a mouse!To shoot an arrow, cl...

Grand roulette

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Place your bets and see what number comes up when the wheel is spun. Do you f...

Go Ronaldo Go

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Don`t let Crespo get to the ball before Ronaldo.Collect golden shoes to speed...