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Cat Theft Auto

Cat Theft Auto - Drive over the cats, but try not to destroy your car. Use arrow keys to move the car and space for horn.

Cat Theft Auto was played for 1,118 times

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Destroy the computer

Destroy the computer Jucat de 1,691 ori

Use the mouse to hit your computer.

Foot and mouth

Foot and mouth Jucat de 874 ori

Get in the Irish Food Competition. Use the mouse to choose the action you want.

2 Many bugs

2 Many bugs Jucat de 2,915 ori

Use the mouse to draw a line around the same colouread bugs to capture them. ...


Honkey Jucat de 744 ori

Use the mouse to keep the head in the air as long as possible.

Worm Attack

Worm Attack Jucat de 1,134 ori

Some warms are trying to eat your steack. Use mouse cursor to move and left...

Alien Bounce

Alien Bounce Jucat de 2,119 ori

Kill the aliens in different ways. Press space bar to fire the catapult.

Anti Stress

Anti Stress Jucat de 17,652 ori

Break all the bubbles. Click the mouse over the bubble you want to break or d...

Pig gifts

Pig gifts Jucat de 874 ori

Try catching as much boxes as you can.Goodluck !

Mouse adventure

Mouse adventure Jucat de 1,255 ori

Play this game online! Use arrow keys for control!

Mili & Tary

Mili & Tary Jucat de 137 ori

Try to send Tary as far as possible. Use the mouse to hit.

Butle Pigeon

Butle Pigeon Jucat de 946 ori

Shoot all the pigeons. Use the mouse to play. Don't shoot the cats.

Aviator IMP

Aviator IMP Jucat de 1,534 ori

Help the Aviator IMP to fly as far as possible! Use the obstacles you will ru...


Peeball Jucat de 1,006 ori

You need to jump over the obstacles. Press the 'Pee'button to jump. To ensure...

Osama Sissy Fight

Osama Sissy Fight Jucat de 1,229 ori

A funny cartoon with the character of Osama, you need to click on the differe...

Home Run

Home Run Jucat de 981 ori

You have to take the drunk man home. Equilibrate with the mouse. Keep the lef...