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Cat Theft Auto

Cat Theft Auto - Drive over the cats, but try not to destroy your car. Use arrow keys to move the car and space for horn.

Cat Theft Auto was played for 1,164 times

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Wolf 3d

Wolf 3d Jucat de 822 ori

Wolf simulator. Your goal is to eat cows. Use the arrow keys and the mouse to...

TOmmy Tooth

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Destroy the computer

Destroy the computer Jucat de 1,708 ori

Use the mouse to hit your computer.


Aquarium Jucat de 2,806 ori

Drop sticks of dynamite into an aquarium to try and blow up fish.


Sicmitec Jucat de 1,000 ori

Click the Catapult to shoot. The longer you click the stronger you shoot. Goo...


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Presidential fight

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Minefield of Death

Minefield of Death Jucat de 1,292 ori

Somehoe, you`ve landed in the mine field of death. How you get out? Well, you...

Anti Stress

Anti Stress Jucat de 18,054 ori

Break all the bubbles. Click the mouse over the bubble you want to break or d...

Dice Mogul

Dice Mogul Jucat de 1,060 ori

Buy spaces and build properties, manage your money well and don t run aout of...

Hit the mole

Hit the mole Jucat de 748 ori

Hit the moles into the ground with your hammer. You lose if you let all the f...

Kerry Bush Bash

Kerry Bush Bash Jucat de 880 ori

Your job as the moderator is to block both Presindent Bush and Senator Kerry ...

Monkey Cliff Diving

Monkey Cliff Diving Jucat de 972 ori

When a monkey pops up, click on the little chappy to make him dive...time it ...