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Cat Theft Auto

Cat Theft Auto - Drive over the cats, but try not to destroy your car. Use arrow keys to move the car and space for horn.

Cat Theft Auto was played for 1,161 times

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Parachute Retro

Parachute Retro Jucat de 945 ori

Drop peoples in the wagon. Use the left and right arrow keys to move and spac...

Scorn Toss

Scorn Toss Jucat de 987 ori

Try to pass the acorn as high up on the three as you can. Use the left and ri...

Spider Bugs

Spider Bugs Jucat de 928 ori

First, click on a bug, then, aim at another bug of the same color,the bigger ...


Splatem Jucat de 1,429 ori

Aim and click to throw stuff at the character. Click options to change the ca...

Splat Em

Splat Em Jucat de 1,187 ori

Throw stuff at the characters! Use the mouse to play.

Albatros Overload

Albatros Overload Jucat de 1,942 ori

Jump the penguin into a albatros then fly it as far as you can. Have fun!


BOO Jucat de 2,003 ori

This game is based on the old simon game, the rules are on the ...

Dress up Bill

Dress up Bill Jucat de 1,173 ori

Click the blue buttons to dress up Bill.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting Jucat de 1,025 ori

You have to lift the weights in time. Place the mouse on the marked place on ...

Celebrity Fight Club

Celebrity Fight Club Jucat de 1,070 ori

Fight with celebrities. W - left upper cut, A - left jab, S - right upper cut...


Submachine Jucat de 841 ori

Click on doors to move between rooms, search for and collect items, some of t...

Samba de mausland

Samba de mausland Jucat de 635 ori

Score by clicking the twinkling shakers. The more you get the more action wil...

Kerry Bush Bash

Kerry Bush Bash Jucat de 879 ori

Your job as the moderator is to block both Presindent Bush and Senator Kerry ...

Little John`s Archery 2

Little John`s Archery 2 Jucat de 2 ori

Use the arrow keys to look around, click and drag the mouse to aim.

Arachnid Falls

Arachnid Falls Jucat de 1,190 ori

You must type letter and number that are on the arachnids` backs to avoid the...