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Cat Theft Auto

Cat Theft Auto - Drive over the cats, but try not to destroy your car. Use arrow keys to move the car and space for horn.

Cat Theft Auto was played for 1,142 times

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Falafel king

Falafel king Jucat de 1,018 ori

Prepare servings for all your customers.


Pogo Jucat de 875 ori

The object of this game is to destroy as many object as possible in the short...

To the rescue

To the rescue Jucat de 723 ori

Throw the paper in the basket. Use the mouse to release the paper, when the a...

Dancing Ant

Dancing Ant Jucat de 963 ori

You choose the move, alien do the work.

Frosty Freakout

Frosty Freakout Jucat de 1,254 ori

Are you ready for a frosty freakout? Keep cool with the kids at the local fro...

Butle Pigeon

Butle Pigeon Jucat de 949 ori

Shoot all the pigeons. Use the mouse to play. Don't shoot the cats.

Singing Game

Singing Game Jucat de 878 ori

Click on all that items on the screen that make a noise, and live only the on...


AIB Jucat de 2,183 ori

Only using the up and down arrow keys. Try to avoid all the fruit! Good Luck!

Park a lot

Park a lot Jucat de 1,198 ori

Park cars in the correct spaces to keep your job at the parking lot. Use the ...

Good night Mr. Snoozleberg

Good night Mr. Snoozleberg Jucat de 106 ori

Don't let Mr Snoozleberg get hurt. Interact with all the objects to save him....

George Wants beer

George Wants beer Jucat de 1,183 ori

Help Bush equilibrate. Use the mouse to play.

Sheep Game

Sheep Game Jucat de 1,014 ori

Get the sheep into the pen. Have fun!

Frisbee dog

Frisbee dog Jucat de 1,003 ori

Use your mouse to move the dog, left click to jump and catch the frisbees and...

10 - count

10 - count Jucat de 1,705 ori

You have to count till 10. Use the mouse to choose in time the right numbers ...

Help Santa

Help Santa Jucat de 1,009 ori

Help Santa get to GAPC to deliver the holiday gifts! Get Santa to the bottom ...