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CowBoy Bullet

CowBoy Bullet - Shoot the dollar.

CowBoy Bullet was played for 4,686 times

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Boogles Jucat de 1,644 ori

You don`t like the Boogles? This game it for you!

Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll Jucat de 6,064 ori

Play a voodoo game. Use the mouse to select the action.

Shark attack

Shark attack Jucat de 885 ori

Save all the people in the sea. Use the mouse to click on the peope in the wa...

Mad Cows

Mad Cows Jucat de 793 ori

Pick out the infected animals and get rid of them. You have 60 seconds to fin...


Penguin Jucat de 1,053 ori

Play now Penguin.Click, drag and release.

Sheep tranquilizer

Sheep tranquilizer Jucat de 1,054 ori

Click the tranquilizer button whenever you see a sheep leaving the flock and ...

Agent Footy 1

Agent Footy 1 Jucat de 2,043 ori

Help Paul Footy fill his need for greed in time. Use arrow keys to move and ...

Bouncy the ball

Bouncy the ball Jucat de 1,142 ori

You must go around each level collecting objects and avoiding fire. Use left...

Smart cook

Smart cook Jucat de 1,187 ori

This is a funny game , you should try to play it and take a score as high as ...

Citizen Kerry

Citizen Kerry Jucat de 764 ori

Help senator Kerry catch the issues. Use the mouse to play.

Crazy Maze

Crazy Maze Jucat de 1,276 ori

Your goal is to make your ball from start to finish. Click start to begin, do...


Worm Jucat de 3,669 ori

Eat apple and grow bigger, but if you bite yourself, you'll die. Good luck!

George Wants beer

George Wants beer Jucat de 1,182 ori

Help Bush equilibrate. Use the mouse to play.

Unicycle Challenge

Unicycle Challenge Jucat de 760 ori

Try to balance your unicycle while avoiding the juggling balls that those pes...

Shoe repair

Shoe repair Jucat de 1,856 ori

Repair the shoes of the ladies. Try not to hit them. You need only the mouse.